HMUK announces partnership with US mental health organisation Give an Hour’s Campaign to Change Direction

The provision of a global mental health service for the music industry took an enormous step forward today – with news of a landmark partnership between Help Musicians UK and the US based non-profit organisation, Give an Hour and its public health effort, the Campaign to Change Direction.

Help Musicians UK launched its Music Minds Matter 24/7 mental health service and support line in December 2017. The launch of the much needed service dedicated to the music industry saw HMUK pledge to forge international links, rolling out the Music Minds Matter service on a global level, with the aim of providing a service to all of those in the music industry needing support, on the road and working away from home.

Nearly 6 months since launch, the free confidential service Music Minds Matter has already impacted hundreds of lives and has provided comprehensive support to the industry in terms of emotional support and advice, access to legal and debt advice and even the broad range of HMUK grants.

By aligning with Give an Hour and their Change Direction campaign, an initiative that aspires to start conversations and “change the culture” around mental health and wellness, HMUK will extend the reach of its Music Minds Matter campaign in the US whilst partnering with the Change Direction campaign in the UK.

Through the partnership, HMUK and Give an Hour aim to work together to change the culture of mental health in order to remove the barriers and stigma that prevent musicians and music industry professionals from seeking mental health care and to increase critical access to care for those in need. HMUK aims to affect real lasting change in the music community, both in the UK and the US, and in the long-term around the world.

HMUK will join Give an Hour’s 2nd Global Summit on ‘Mental Health Culture Change’ in London in October 2018, more details to be announced. The four-day international gathering will focus on changing the culture around mental health so that all in need receive the care they deserve. Recently, Talinda Bennington, widow of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, who tragically took his own life in July 2017, partnered with Give an Hour to create, ‘320 Changes Direction’ – a new element of the Campaign to Change Direction.  This partnership, like the one forged with HMUK, aims to promote Change Direction’s Five Signs of Emotional Suffering to help identify those struggling with mental health challenges: personality change, agitation, withdrawal, poor self-care and hopelessness.

Chief Executive of Help Musicians UK, Richard Robinson, said: “We want musicians and those working in the industry to know that no matter where they are in the world, there’s a support system there for them. Give an Hour is a pivotal partner in making this happen and we look forward to planning next steps. This is a big day for health and welfare services in the global music industry.

“More details of this significant strategic collaboration will be announced in the coming weeks, we will collaborate by sharing resources, research and plans for a trans-atlantic service that will be a vital step for a music industry coming to terms with the enormity of the mental health issue.”

“We are honoured to partner with Help Musicians UK – an organisation devoted to caring for the health and well-being of musicians in the UK and around the world”, said Dr. Barbara Van DahlenFounder and President of Give an Hour. “Only through such collaborations can we build coordinated, comprehensive and integrated efforts – the kind we need in order to reach all who are suffering emotionally.”

Talinda Bennington, Founding Partner, 320 Changes Direction said “I am so pleased that Help Musicians UK has formed a partnership with Give an Hour and the Campaign to Change Direction. Those in the music industry have unique talents – they also face unique challenges and pressures. By working together, we can make sure that everyone who is struggling – and the families who love them – can find the kind of help that best fits their needs”.

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