HMUK reaches a new high with release of latest annual report figures

The music industry’s leading independent charity Help Musicians UK (HMUK) announced today that it has reached a new record in its 97-year history - 14,000 lives in the industry have been impacted through the charity’s various services and programmes, an increase of an incredible 116%, more than double the impact of 2016 and a staggering nearly 5 times, or 453%, that of 2014.

As revealed at the charity’s AGM yesterday, HMUK has experienced tremendous growth in the past year. It has expanded and diversified its reach as part of ambitious five-year strategic plan Agenda 2021, which was created in 2016 with a vision to build and innovate HMUK’s work and priorities.

With the aim of raising £21 million in funds by 2021, expanding its provision and opening new regional offices (as already seen from the new hubs opened in N. Ireland and Scotland), the charity is consolidating its position as the leading charity serving the music industry. With the nationwide reach and campaigning muscle to provide help, support and opportunities to a wider spectrum of those in need across the music industry approaching HMUK’s 100-year mark in 2021.

HMUK’s 2017 results in brief:

  • The 14,000 figure includes industry workers and musicians who have been impacted either directly or indirectly, this breaks down to
  • 5,430 impacted directly through payments, Health and Welfare grants and funding to individuals and organisations, across all schemes including the Music Minds Matter mental health service and hearing health scheme.
  • 8,687 indirectly impacted through partnerships, engaging with campaigns and initiatives such as applications for the #HearForMusicians hearing health scheme, research and surveys and engagement at events and conferences.
  • 603 home visits were undertaken.
  • Directly awarded 256 grants and awards to musicians and organisations through its Creative Programme, spending nearly £1.2 million through five strands of activity Learning, Professional Development, National Grants Programme, HMUK Futures and Nations & Regions.
  • Since launch in December 2017, 95 enquiries were received by the Music Minds Matter support line and service in its first month alone.

Agenda 2021 sees HMUK continue to develop its understanding of how to best support people working in the music industry; through prioritising investment in offerings around hearing conservation, mental health and musculoskeletal and movement injuries, as well as ground-breaking research into new areas such as parenting in the music industry and more. The charity will also focus on reaching even more emerging artists from diverse backgrounds, geographies, and career stages – ensuring no single musical genre or demographic dominates investment. 

Speaking yesterday at the AGM, Chief Executive Richard Robinson said: “Reflecting the context of today’s music industry and the charity’s original founding objectives, HMUK’s vision is a world where music thrives so we are delighted to announce the charity’s record breaking impact and growth for 2017.

“This has been a result of diversifying HMUK’s provision to those in the music industry, innovating our funding opportunities, campaigning, partnerships and advocacy on important issues, to reach an ever-wider spectrum of music industry professionals in need.  Through research, we have identified a huge amount of need in the sector and have made commitments to bring about lasting change, from services such as our landmark mental health service Music Minds Matter, to opening regional branches in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

“While we’re excited and humbled by the significance of this record-breaking reach, we expect HMUK’s impact to rise even higher in 2018, as the charity recently reviewed eligibility criteria will result in even more music industry insiders to access the charity’s grants than in previous years.

“The charity is 97 years old, but it’s not slowing down. Strong foundations have been laid for the future as we evaluate how to provide the best, tailored support to the industry – from potential global partnerships, more regional offices to impact more under-served communities, to the way we fundraise, campaign, provide grants and support. We at HMUK are committed to contributing to building and sustaining a healthy and successful music industry for all.”

The full Help Musicians UK’s 2017 Annual Report is available on request.

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