Innovative study asks Can Music Make You Sick?

Last week we launched a new industry mental health campaign and the country’s first ever academic research into the issue.

Launched as the MAD (Music And Depression) campaign, it sought to break down stigma and start conversations and for the first time, mental health in the industry is getting significant profile across the industry, media and beyond.

However, although the charity has used a controversial campaign name, the charity is not just looking for headlines and conversation starters as this is only the first phase of the campaign. Its commitment to finding solutions is proven through the commissioning of the study ‘Can Music Make You Sick?’

Led by Sally Gross and Dr George Musgrave of University of Westminster / MusicTank, it will explore how the music industry can have a negative impact on the mental health of those working in it and investigate initiatives that can tackle some of the issues.

Launching the new research at The Great Escape convention, Chief Executive Richard Robinson said:

“Today’s announcement represents a huge milestone for mental health in the music industry as well as new strategic direction for HMUK as the independent voice for musicians. Help Musicians UK want to build a robust and effective service for those with mental health issues – but we know we have to listen and be part of the conversation. It is all too easy to suggest solutions but we believe our academic study will do more. We want to deliver real change.”

The research begins with a survey that everyone working in music is urged to complete. You will find the survey at:

Join the conversation at #MADforHMUK

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