Jackie Morris to publish musically-themed book

Much loved artist, illustrator and our friend Jackie Morris is set to write a musically-themed illustrated book for independent Welsh publishing house, Graffeg. Jackie has been designing cards and calendars for our Christmas collection since 2000, and we’re thrilled to hear that the publication will be on bookshelves later this year.

The collection of short stories will centre upon a series of illustrations that were first used as Christmas cards sold in aid of helping musicians.

The Quiet Music of Gently Falling Snow, featured as last year’s signature Jackie Morris Christmas card, will be published in September 2016, and will be the latest in a line of successful folk and faery-tale titles by Jackie for adults and children alike.

2016 Jackie FullIt will feature original short stories accompanied by detailed illustrations in a large, double page spread, fully celebrating the intricate beauty of Jackie's illustrations.

When speaking with Jackie, she said:

I love music of all kinds. I often paint with music on in the and I love the way stories are carried through it. When I was offered the chance to create a big book of my work for Graffeg I was so pleased.

I hope it will act as a catalyst for the imagination of others, to write stories, to dream their own dreamings. If it inspires musicians into song, that would be the greatest thing.”

There will be an exhibition of paintings and prints to run alongside a launch at New Brewery Arts in Cirencester, with dates to be confirmed, so stay tuned.

Jackie has kindly shared an excerpt from the upcoming book below.


In the still, cold air of early morning there would be only silence, but for the gentle music of softly falling snow.

No leaves cling to the trees.

Beneath stone hard ground snakes sleep, coiling in cold dreams.


Not a bird stirs.

The only movement is falling flakes, and as they fall she can see each intricate pattern, each individual; unique. And as they fall she can hear the note as the crystal merges with others to become a tapestry of white covering the earth.

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