Looking for the perfect gift this year for a music loving friend or relative?

It’s always tricky to find that extra special gift for your friends and family. If you want to give something unique this year, why not buy a gift for a musician on behalf of a loved one?

Lauretta£5...could contribute towards piano tuning for an elderly musician like Lauretta. She started performing in 1929, and still continues today when she can.  She has had a long and varied career, and we first got to know her when health issues made it difficult for her to sing. We understand how hard it is to save for retirement during a freelance music career, and we also understand how important music is, which is why as well as helping Lauretta with living costs, we make sure that her piano is tuned regularly. 

Soraya£25...could provide mentoring sessions for postgraduate music students to help start a professional career like Soraya. She's studying to become an opera singer at the Royal College of Music. Through our Talent Programme we are providing her with funding towards her studies and living costs as we know how essential proper training is for musicians, and how expensive it can be. 

Adam£50...buys physiotherapy sessions for a musician hit by injury like Adam. He's a jazz saxophonist who turned to Help Musicians UK when injury to his hands and wrists meant he could no longer perform. We supported him with specialist care through the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) and the London Hand Clinic, and also with living costs for the six months when he couldn’t play. We helped him make a fast and full recovery by providing him with access to the specialist treatment he needed.

After buying your gift we’ll send out a personalised ecard for each gift purchased and your donation will be spent helping musicians across the country.

You can donate by using the In Celebration section of our website, making sure that you let us know who you're sending your gift on behalf of and include their email address so we can send out a personalised e-Card to them and tell them exactly how their gift has helped a musician this Christmas. 

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