MOBO Help Musicians Fund expands in fourth year of partnership

 2020 MOBO Help Musicians Fund

The MOBO Help Musicians Fund, a partnership between MOBO Trust and Help Musicians, has announced an expanded support offer in year 4 of the successful collaboration.

Having run three hugely successful rounds of the MOBO Help Musicians Fund since 2017, this year’s Fund grows to a £100,000 investment into artists creating music of black origin.

MOBO and Help Musicians have also assessed the further needs of musicians and enhanced the Fund in order to empower musicians to drive forward their businesses at a crucial time.

The 2020 MOBO Help Musicians Fund package will offer: £3,000 towards creative output, 1:1 business advice sessions from experienced music industry professionals and 1:1 health consultations with British Association for Performing Arts Medicine professionals, covering all aspects of a musician’s health, including physical and mental health needs and specialist referrals where required.

Kanya King, Founder, MOBO said: "In times of trouble we have always looked to music and our musicians to provide a sense of relief, express our feelings and emotions and to share messages of hope. In these challenging times, we could really do with some hope.  

This is why MOBO are proud to continue our partnership with Help Musicians as we go further than ever to support our musicians as they face the uncertainty of a post-COVID-19 world and what it means to be a working artist. We stand in unity to support them."

Full guidelines and application forms for the MOBO Help Musicians Fund will be available from June 29 on the Help Musicians website.

Claire Gevaux, Director of Programme, Help Musicians said: “Help Musicians is incredibly pleased to not only continue our partnership with MOBO but also to expand the support package offered by the MOBO Help Musicians Fund into something that contributes to a musician’s personal sense of balance. We believe that having access to business knowledge has a unique ability to empower artists, and when combined with the right health and wellbeing support, plus the funds to create, musicians have a stronger opportunity to thrive in their careers as well as their lives.

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