MOBO Help Musicians Fund supports 19 promising musicians and groups

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From left to right: NeOne, Sans Soucis, Jerome Thomas, S.Rica and Marika

The MOBO Help Musicians Fund, a collaboration between Help Musicians and the MOBO Trust, has announced a fresh cohort of supported artists who will receive funding to enable tours, recordings, releases and the promotion of their work.

As part of Help Musicians’ holistic approach, the recipients of the MOBO Help Musicians Fund will also have access to the Musicians’ Hearing Health Scheme. This entitles them to high quality, bespoke hearing protection as well as an audiology assessment.

Supported artists in this round are: Davina Oriakhi, Virgil Hawkins, Vital, Fred Fredas, Dominic Lawson, NeOne, Junior Bill, Byron Wallen, Tess Hirst, Jerome Thomas, Kemileon, Jally Kebba Susso, Beats & Pieces Big Band, Jamaal Monarch, Zazim Soundsystem, Marika, Bonez, Sans Soucis, S.Rica

Awardee Sans Soucis commented:
Help Musicians and the MOBO Fund are changing the music industry inside out profoundly. As a young person of colour, I have never been so aware of my social collocation as I am in this very precise political climate. Receiving the support of communities such as yours really shows how together, we can create opportunities for the vast majority of us. I feel I have the credibility and the right to present myself as the producer, singer and songwriter I’ve always wanted to be and wish to inspire many other young people to embrace their work fully, knowing they are represented.”

Now in its third year, the MOBO Help Musicians Fund has supported over 50 artists and groups in realising their projects and supporting their development.

Estée Blu was supported in the Fund’s inaugural round and returned as a panellist for round 3, she said:
“When I applied for the MOBO Help Musicians Fund, I had just put out my debut single independently. I had spent the two years prior finding out what kind of artist I wanted to be and crafting my sound, but the next step was to continue to strengthen my technical skills. The fund helped me with vocal coaching, piano, music production and live performance, which really moved my career forwards. It was my first successful funding application ever and it came at the right time, as I transitioned to a full-time musician in mid-2018. The MOBO Help Musicians Fund gave me so much confidence in my own ability and the momentum to keep going in this often-unpredictable industry.”

Help Musicians wouldn’t be able to support the musicians funded through its Creative Programme or supported through its Health and Welfare service without the generous donations generated from fundraising. To see how you could make a difference to the charity and the musicians it helps, visit our supporter pages here.

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