Musicians health and wellbeing high on the agenda during summer events

Last week our Help and Advice Manager Nigel Hamilton attended the MU conference. Health and wellbeing was a popular topic of discussion and Nigel reflects on why he thinks it is an important issue that needs to be addressed and why the Health & Wellbeing week starting on 10 August is essential.

'Working with musicians has shown me that keeping as healthy as you can in mind and body is an essential part of a sustainable music career.'

But he adds that this this is not always easy.MU Nigel

'Apart from the everyday rigors of performing and touring, how open are you going to be if you worry that you’re developing arthritis or that worsening eyesight makes it harder to read music? Are you going to feel confident about turning up to a gig or audition wearing a hearing aid? People prefer to keep things to themselves.'

Nigel adds that one musician told him:

'For many musicians, perfection is the minimum acceptable standard and admitting to anything less is, or at least feels like it might be, professional suicide.'

It is crucial that the welfare of musicians is not overlooked and we want to give practical and suitable advice to all musicians, no matter what stage they're at. In association with the Musicians Union and BAPAM, the week will include a range of workshops presented by some of the leading professionals in their fields. These events are ideal for any musicians who want to take better care of themselves and inevitability be the best musician that they can be.

For further information regarding the sessions, including how to book, please visit the session's event page. Spaces are limited so please ensure to book in advance.

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