Musicians' Insights Evenings

Health and Wellbeing month, an initiative in partnership between Help Musicians UK (HMUK), British Association for Performing Arts (BAPAM) and the Musicians’ Union (MU), is well underway. We have a series of workshops and Musicians’ Insights events being held across the country including Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Liverpool and London. 

The month kicked off with an event at the Hospital Club in London, which also saw the launch of our new Musicians Hearing Health Scheme.

Musicians’ Insights Evenings

Our free Musicians’ Insights Evenings are an informal ‘In Conversation’ type series of events, which will raise awareness of key health issues for musicians. Musicians will be interviewed by trained HMUK visitors to shed light on particular issues that they have dealt with personally. The discussions will provide a better understanding of musician’s individual situations and shed light on how various charities and services fit into the support network for musicians.

All evenings will start at 6.30pm and finish at 9.00pm.

All evenings are free to attend. Spaces are limited so please ensure to book in advance. Details of individual Musicians Insights Evenings and Workshops can be found here.

All Insights events will be available as podcast post-event.

Band on the Wall

Joe Hastings, Health & Welfare Manager at Help Musicians UK said: “Throughout August we are putting the spotlight on musicians’ health and wellbeing through this fantastic series of events being held in conjunction with the MU and BAPAM. There will be practical advice and candid personal insights. There are events happening across the country and I would encourage as many people as possible to attend.”

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