Our Chairman fundraises for us as guest ballet star

On Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 September Chairman Graham Sheffield will make an (uninvited) guest appearance with the Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo (affectionately known as ‘The Trocks’) in aid of Help Musicians UK. 

Founded in 1974, the all-male ballet company represent a playful, entertaining view of traditional ballet in parody form, regularly selling out performance across the globe.

GrahamFor two nights only, Graham will transform into Lagavulina Skotchroksova. The eminent Lagavulina was discovered, along with Rasputin’s boot, adrift in a basket on the river Neva by kindly peasants. Her debut as the MaryinskI Theatre, St. Petersburg, was marred by her overzealous grand jeté into the Tsar’s box, impaling a Grand Duchess. 

Banished from Russia, she made her way arduously to London, where she founded, and still directs the École de Ballet de Hard-Nox.  Her most famous exercise is the warm-up consisting of a martini and an elevator.

When speaking with her recently, she said:

"I am so very thrilled to be so close to the intensive and intimate warming of cultural relations between the UK and Russia through my wonderful appearance with all my dance partners in the Les Ballets Trocadero de Monte Carlo."

Wiping a tear from her eye with her grandmother's silk handkerchief, Lagavulina adds:

"After my discovery in a basket I was brought up far from home and in so terrible, poor circumstances, but I have made so much of my career in the theatre and reached my stardom through sheer hard work and many, many dry martinis.  Please come and support me in my desperate hour of need." 

This is a rare opportunity to see Lagavulina perform her inimitable style of ballet on the London stage.

Lagavulina is over a third of the way to reaching her target of £500. Visit her JustGiving page to donate. Your support means that we can help musicians, across all genres and all stages of their careers.

The performances with The Trocks on behalf of Help Musicians UK take place on 23 and 24 September at the Peacock Theatre, London.

Tickets are available here

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