Our Chairman on Radio New Zealand

On a recent visit to New Zealand, our Chairman Graham Sheffield spoke with Radio New Zealand about his work at the British Council and his role as a champion of the work we do helping musicians.

Since taking his position as Arts Director at the British Council 5 years ago, he has rebuilt and expanded their international arts programme which covers more than 100 countries including Brazil, Qatar and Mexico.

Graham became Chairman of Help Musicians UK in 2014 and has helped guide and shape the charity as it approaches its centenary in 2021.

We caught up with Graham, he said: “I was on sabbatical in New Zealand, but the arts world never lets you go completely. Our British Council office in Auckland found that Radio New Zealand were keen to interview me during my short stay in Wellington. Lynn Freeman concentrated on our work in the Council on Arts for Social Change, which led elegantly into mention of my work with Help Musicians UK. I find that, during my work for the British Council, which takes me all over the world, people are very interested in the existence and mission of Help Musicians UK. So it's often possible to advance the causes of both simultaneously”.

Visit our SoundCloud page to listen to the full interview.




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