Representing Women in the Music Industry

Did you know that only 30% of management, promotion and live sector roles in the music industry are held by women?

And did you know only 14% of PRS for Music’s registered creators and writers are women?

This weekend, our Communications Manager, Christine Brown, headed to the Oh Yeah Centre in Belfast to join the conversation on the subject of women in the music industry.

Teaming up with the Roundhouse in London, the Oh Yeah Centre hosted the free event as part of the International Woman’s Day programme to kick-start a dynamic conversation with creatives, emerging artists and industry professionals.

Charied by Stuart Bailie, one of the founding member of Oh Yeah centre, the panel included Carrie Davenport, photographer and radio contributor, Charlene Hegarty, Publishing Director at Smalltown America Music, Shannon Delores O'Neill, guitarist and songwriter and Laura Totten, musician, producer and DJ alongside our Communications Manager Christine.

Christine BrownHere’s some of the things she had to say:

"For me, it's about the support network - there's nothing more powerful than that."

"There's just this kind of invisible barrier for women."

"It's about being vocal about what the issues are."

"Women are sexualised in ways that men aren't."

"I hope that I can motivate and inspire people to change things. Being in that percentage puts us in a very powerful position."

"Talking about it is a big thing. For me, it's all about awareness."

"Mozart's sister also composed music but told it wasn't acceptable in society."

"There is a society issue which, let's not lie, goes back centuries."

Join in the conversation. Tweet @HelpMusiciansUK using the hashtag #InternationalWomensDay 

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