Revealed! 2015 Christmas card staff favourites

The festive season is upon us once again. Christmas lights shine brightly, kitchens are stocked generously with mince pies and of course, the wonderful gift of giving.

Our colourful selection of Christmas cards have been popular for many years. This week, we caught up with some of the team at Help Musicians UK to hear their favourite picks from the 2015 collection.

Christine Brown, Communications Manager said: “Mine used to be Winter Duet because I love black and white photography. Now it’s the carollers, it looks vintage!”

Kate Garbutt and Janet Fereday from the Fundraising team said the Christmas Carollers were also their favourite. Janet mentioned: “I love the vintage look – it reminds me of the illustrations of Enid Blyton books when I was little.”

Susie Butt, Assistant to the Chief Executive said: “I think mine has to be the two musicians in the snow, ‘Winter Duet’. I love that the musicians are braving the elements to share their music with everyone! That’s the musician Christmas spirit right there”.

Elizabeth Sills from the Talent Programme team said she loved the owl card. “I like the simplicity of it! The colour scheme is nice and I love the subtle musical notes” she said.

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You can purchase our 2015 Christmas cards from our online store and a selection of outlets across the country.

All designs featured in the 2015 Christmas card collection are now also available as eCards, including an exclusive design from illustrator and artist, Jackie Morris.

Scroll through this year's collection below.

2015 Christmas Collection

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