The Kili countdown begins...

In exactly 5 days, Gerald Finley will be bidding farewell to the concert stage in favour of the heights of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The trip will take ten days to complete and he’ll be in good company. Joined by his two sons, Gerald will head team Finley in their fundraising feat.

I have been very fortunate to scale the heights of music mountains such as Hans Sachs in Die Meistersinger, Oppenheimer in Doctor Atomic and also Winterreise, as well as having wonderful new music written for me. It seemed an appropriate moment and a natural choice to take on Kilimanjaro, acknowledging the help of and thanking those colleagues who have aided my musical treks. I know that Help Musicians UK have been key in supporting those who find themselves with temporary challenges. We musicians don't often qualify for straightforward assistance; Help Musicians UK can be there in the tough times. Please help them make a difference to those whose talents need support in difficult circumstances. Give me a tune/song/aria to sing while climbing, to keep the breathing and rhythm strong...!

We can’t disappoint! Tweet us your song suggestions using the hashtag #FinleyDoesKili.

Can you help Gerald reach his target £10k? Any donation is greatly appreciated. 

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