The Music Student Health Scheme is here to help

Practice, practice, practice.

This is the mantra for most aspiring musicians as they work their way through music college in the hope of becoming a professional performer.

For a music student, this training can be both physically and emotionally demanding and for some, strain and injury are unavoidable.

But we’re here to get you back on track.

We’ve been working hard to make sure music students have the skills and the support they need for a sustainable professional career.

Since 2006 we’ve been working with BAPAM, the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine, to promote healthy performance practice and help music students recover from injury and get back to their studies. We’re able to help fund up to £500 worth of treatment if it’s recommended by BAPAM following their free, confidential assessment.

The scheme has shown how crucial this support is with more music students using it than ever before and in 2013, we were able to support 117 musicians through treatment.

Problems can range from acute performance anxiety to musculoskeletal issues and our funding has helped towards treatment that would otherwise be unavailable on the NHS in the time frame that these music students desperately need.

If you’re a student yourself and a health problem is affecting your ability to perform, follow our three simple steps:

1. Call BAPAM on 020 7404 8444 to book an appointment

2. If you’re recommended for further tests or short-term treatment that you need help with, BAPAM will provide you with a form

3. Send this form to us either via post or email and we’ll get back to you within 5 working days if we can help

For more information, visit our Music Student Health Scheme page and if you’re ever in doubt, our team will be on hand to take your call.

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