Vocal training, movement coaching, composition short courses and more funded through Transmission

Transmission R1 2020

From left to right: Cassandra Gurling (AGAMA), Katherine Browning (Katmuss), Adam Teixeira, Lauren Hutchinson (Namiwa Jazz). 

25 professional development opportunities have been supported through the first round of Help Musicians’ Transmission Fund for 2020.

Projects supported this round include a week in New York with musician John Platania, a short course in composing for film, TV and games at The National Film and Television School, stage coaching sessions with movement director Clara Bajado, live performance and music production courses at subSine Academy of Electronic Music and more.

Cassandra Gurling (AGAMA), who will spend four days in Marbella to train with vocal coach Kim Chandler, said: “My vocal training is within musical theatre and classical singing, however I now find myself working as a contemporary vocalist in pop and jazz. Receiving this training is integral to my professional development and this period of intensive coaching will be a game-changer. It will have a direct impact on the quality of the vocal performance I deliver on my album recordings and how I continue to protect and nurture my instrument moving forward. Without Help Musicians funding, none of this would be possible.”

Katherine Browning (Katmuss), who will attend the Lunenberg Academy for Music Performance to train with world-renowned bass clarinettist and educator Sarah Watts, said: “For the first time in years, I am so excited to think that something like this course could be in my future - so often my mental ill-health let me think I was undeserving of such great opportunities, in spite of my talents…I feel that this course will help me reconnect with my peers and colleagues and regain my social equilibrium, which is essential to anyone’s musical and professional development.”

The full list of recipients this round includes Adam Teixeira, Alex Hitchcock, Anna Lowenstein, Anna Stephens (Moodbay), Bernhard Schimpelsberger, Caitlin Rowley, Camilla Marchant, Cassandra Gurling (AGAMA), Duncan Falconer (Acutek), Elisa Smith (Elisa Imperilee), Greg Schofield (Guy Called Greg), James Taylor (Phobophobes), Jekaterina Sarigina, Joanna Ward, Joseph Peach, Katherine Browning (Katmuss), Lauren Hutchinson (Namiwa Jazz), Luke Bainbridge, Michael Cummins (Michael Kerr), Neil Luck, Ondrej Soukup, Scott Twynholm, Sherry Davis (Ashirah Sounds), Steven Gilfoyle (Steg G) and Verity Pabla.

Help Musicians wouldn’t be able to support the musicians funded through its Creative Programme or supported through its Health and Welfare service without the generous donations from fundraisers. To see how you could make a difference to the charity and the musicians it helps, visit our supporter pages here.

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