Cost and joining

The scheme costs a one-off payment of £40 (£30 for Musicians’ Union members). This offers you ongoing membership to the scheme. You will receive assessment and hearing protection worth almost over £300 in your first year of membership. Every two years you will get an automatic call back for an audiological assessment, for which you will pay £20 (saving you £268).

To join the Musicians Hearing Health Scheme please fill in this simple form and we will get in touch within 15 working days. For any questions about the application process please can call the Health & Welfare team on 020 7239 9103 or visit our FAQ's.

Am I eligible?

Any professional musician working or living in the UK is eligible – no matter your age, genre or instrument. By professional musician we mean someone who has earned their living substantially from music for a significant proportion of their working life.  Students are currently not eligible to join the scheme, unless you can demonstrate that you earn the bulk of your income through music.

What if I can’t afford to join?

If you can’t afford to join the scheme and have less than £4,000 in savings we may be able to support the cost of you joining the Musicians' Hearing Health Scheme. Please contact us to discuss this once you receive confirmation of your eligibility, and before you go for your first appointment.

What if I lose my hearing protection?

This scheme only includes the costs of one set of hearing protection – we will not provide replacements for lost, stolen or broken hearing protection. We recommend that you include your bespoke hearing protection on your home contents insurance. Musicians’ Hearing Services will provide you with a proof of purchase for the full value of your hearing protection on request.