Musicians' Hearing Health Scheme Optional Extras

Should you require any optional extras please make sure that you discuss this with your audiologist at your appointment. 

Any costs associated with optional extras will be charged at your appointment. All extras are £10 each. We also offer the option of wax removal at a subsidised rate of £40 – your audiologist will discuss this with you.

Gel moulds (£10)

This is an additional service where Musicians Hearing Services can keep the shape of your ear impressions on file for four years so that if they’re lost during this time, you can replace them without having to have your impressions re-taken (the replacement set will be charged at £150). Please note, gel moulds cannot be used to make in-ear monitors.

Colour (£10)

Your earplugs will come in clear as standard but there is an option to have them in a colour.

Cord (£10)

Some musicians prefer to have their earplugs attached by a cord / lanyard as it can be handy to wear around your neck (and makes them less easy to lose).

Wax removal (£40)

Musicians Hearing Services will need to take a deep impression of your ears and therefore it is important that your ear canals are wax free. If you feel that you do have wax, please use olive oil or softening drops prior to your appointment so that they can remove the wax – if you are unsure, please use anyway as a pre-caution.  The scheme offers wax removal at a subsidised rate of £40 – using olive oil or softening drops in advance of your appointment means that they can remove any wax at your appointment, rather than asking you to return at a later date.