Zachary De Santos

Award: Music-led creative collaboration (Fusion)

Year: 2018

Genre: Other/Various

Instrument/voice type: Viola

Location: London


Zack is an off-classical inventor who has returned to his birthplace in South East London after a life in Gwynedd, North Wales for 15 years, working with his viola.

Abandoning sheet-music to practise extended range on his instrument he begun spinning jungle drum.n.bass at the age of 15 to reward his mother who is an avid opera mezo-soprano. His school, the local city technology college had the mantra 'serve and obey' and was founded by elite haberdasher forces, so years later he obeyed and quit work with bipolar disorder and stress never to be seen again. 

Now he's back as kite-maker and machine-learning operative. He's interested in supporting kite-ballet teams, facilitating collaborative-leadership and shared ownership. 

He develops with an 8 channel, ultra-portable audio system and kite-tech and has supported kite-ballet learners in technical ways, and is pushing co-design within mental health.