Ethical Standards Statement

The purpose of this statement is to ensure transparency of the ethical standards we are committed to upholding and what we expect of third parties and other stakeholders we engage with to uphold. This statement forms part of our Code of Conduct and Procurement Policy.  

All charity personnel undertaking any procurement activity shall ensure that they comply with the charity’s Anti Bribery & Corruption Policies and respective Code of Conduct for Charity Personnel. Available on our Intranet

The Charity will take appropriate actions to manage conflicts of interest involving Charity staff and dependents, suppliers, and consultants, including but not limited to rejection of proposals for award, if the Charity determines that a conflict of interest has affected the integrity of any procurement process.

Charity staff must declare in writing any actual and/or potential conflict of interest in the procurement of goods or service. This declaration shall be filed with the Director of Business Services. Tenderers shall also be required to include in their tenders a disclosure statement of any actual or potential conflict of interest they may have in the procurement of supplies or services in which they are participating. The Director of Business Services, in consultation with the relevant User Director will determine the best way of handling a conflict of interest. Charity personnel who are or may be perceived to be in a conflict of interest shall not exercise any responsibility in relation to the procurement process. 

The Charity requires that all third parties and their employees observe the highest standard of transparency and integrity throughout the procurement process, including the execution and implementation of their contracts.

Any occurrence, or suspected occurrence, of a prohibited practice in the procurement process, award or implementation of a Charity contract subject to the application of this Policy shall be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the Charity’s Policy on such matters and any prevailing laws, regulations and Codes of Practice. All third parties to the Charity are required to fully cooperate with the Charity in any investigation into an alleged prohibited practice to be carried out pursuant to the Charity’s Policies and to permit the Charity or its representative to inspect relevant accounts and records and to have such records and accounts inspected by the auditors appointed by the Charity. 

The Charity shall not contract with any entities debarred by the Charity or relevant authorities.    

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Charity staff must not make personal purchases through open contract catalogues, using purchase orders or contracts, either for themselves or anyone else. This restriction does not prevent Charity staff from buying goods from the Charity’s suppliers, through wholly separate arrangements, at rates that are not specifically favourable to individual Charity staff.

Graham Sheffield, James Ainscough