A musician sits writing music with a clarinet in front of her

Sometimes, opportunities will present themselves that can have a lasting, positive impact on your career as a musician.

Whether it’s a short course, investing in new software, or taking opportunities to record, release or perform that help you to fulfil your ambition, our Fast Track support is here to help you take it.

It’s an investment to help you grow or sustain your income from music, or to help you take part in something that could take your career to the next level.

What and who is this support for? 

This financial support can go towards anything from courses, networking opportunities and equipment to costs associated with recording, releasing and performing.

Our panel consider each application and review them for opportunity, need and impact. We are particularly looking for applications that show that the support will help you grow your music career and income in the long term. 

A full list of who and what we can support, as well as tips on what we’re looking for in an application, can be found in the application guidance.