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We’re proud to have a dedicated office and services for Scotland.

Our on-the-ground team is led by Suzanne Miller as Help Musicians Scotland Manager, David Culbert as Programmes & Outreach Officer, Adam Martin as Fundraising & Volunteer Coordinator, and Sharon Stephen as Scottish Music Liaison.

Based in Glasgow’s ‘The Briggait’, the team engages with the sector nationally, across all genres and for musicians and the music industry from the start of their career through retirement.

Launched in 2018, the Scotland office is focused on supporting Scottish musicians and music sector professionals, by providing both UK-wide services, as well as bespoke Scottish services. The charity works to create a sustainable future for all musicians and the industry, supporting those who work in the music sector, offering health and welfare services and creative and professional development through grants and funding.

As an independent charity, donations and support for funding is vital. We are proud to say that all funds raised in Scotland, go back into Help Musicians Scotland.

Through our permanent office base and dedicated team, Help Musicians Scotland reaches the entire country, to support, reflect and celebrate the diversity and impact of Scottish music. 

Contact our Scotland office:

0141 404 9502

Help Musicians Scotland is registered with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR). Registered charity No. SC049625

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