Help Musicians and DJ Mag join forces to drive forward the careers of electronic music creators

Help Musicians is excited to announce that our new Electronic Music Award opens today, developed in collaboration with DJ Mag. DJ Mag are a global music brand with a rich history and deep knowledge of electronic music, so we are thrilled to have them onboard.

We have always evolved our support to meet the changing needs of musicians and our Electronic Music Award is no different. The 2023 Musicians’ Census and other research revealed to us the increased barriers for musicians working in dance music, whether that be inconsistent financial streams, vulnerability to debt, higher rates of low mental wellbeing and difficulties navigating the music industry. 

As a result, our Electronic Music Award has been designed to offer support in these specific areas. A cohort of electronic music creators will enter a 12-month career accelerator programme where they will not only receive £3,000 towards their music project, but also be supported to create new peer connections, gain valuable 121 business advice from industry experts and be given the opportunity to foster vital industry networks.

When the Musicians’ Census highlighted the increased barriers musicians working in dance music face, Help Musicians was well-placed to react. We’ve been delivering funding support across genres for decades, but the addition of peer connection, tailored business skills courses and access to industry advice rises to the challenges musicians face in the current climate.
Laurie Oliva, Director of Services and Research, Help Musicians and Music Minds Matter