Euphonique shares her experience of taking the leap into a full time music career

Jungle Drum & Bass DJ and label owner Euphonique has been DJ’ing on the D&B scene since 2006 and in 2022 made the leap to a full time career in music. 

Realising that she needed to improve her business skills to take her career further she came to Help Musicians for support. 

The Drum & Bass world is a beautiful place to be — incredible talent, promoters, label owners, people behind the scenes, artists and ravers — the ravers and fans are the best”.

Support from Help Musicians 

In September 2022, Euphonique received support from Help Musicians to create and self-release two singles and work with a music business coach specialising on mindset and skills in the music industry.

Earlier that year Euphonique had left her job as a music teacher. I was teaching music, and I absolutely loved it, but I felt I wasn’t able to give my all to the students or my music”. Without the security of full time work it meant building the skills to make a sustainable income from her music was more important than ever.

We all know how challenging it can be as a musician and creative. I’m forever grateful to have Help Musicians believe in me and give me the opportunity to do this.”

With the support she received she was able to work with a music business coach on mindset and skills in the music industry. This also included advanced marketing, distribution, contract/​legalities, and royalties to ensure she is able to exhaust all revenue streams available to her.

Being a solo artist means that there aren’t always people to bounce ideas off, so working with a business coach provided that outlet. It’s your business, and no one cares more about it than you. Investing in a coach, whose job it is to care about you and your business, was the next logical step”.

Impact of support 

Since the release of her two singles, Gazing and Badder, Euphonique has seen more bookings, more collaborations, and more engagement with each release. 

Having now completed her sessions with the business coach, Euphonique has been brought up to speed with marketing and branding practices, and seen her social presence grow as a result. 

Bringing all these skills together, along with her own experiences as solo artist, she has recently launched her own coaching program, Younique Music Mentoring, offering tools and techniques to help people succeed, the way my coach helped me”.