Here are the artists we’re supporting from June as they take the next steps in building their careers.

Support to develop careers 

From June 2023 we’re supporting 48 musicians to develop production and business skills, release new singles, create music videos, and embark on American and European tours.

Jasper Tygner supported with touring and live

From touring a live multi-media show to embarking on a debut tour 

8 artists are being supported to take their music to a live audience, including Jasper Tygner.

Jasper is receiving support to take a front of house sound tech and assistant on his upcoming US tour, which includes a show at Basscoast Festival, San Francisco. Jasper told us this support takes a massive burden off his shoulders, allowing him to concentrate on his performance, and ensure the smooth running of the tour. 

This award feels like a milestone moment in my career. Performing in the US was always at the top of my bucket list, and with this funding I will now be able to complete smooth running and well performed tour of the US. Having this kind of support on your first tour is vital.”
Jasper Tygner | supported to go on his first US tour

Ophelia’s Eden supported with Record and Release 

A further 37 artists are being supported to record and release new music. Ophelia’s Eden (Ciara Gayer) is being supported to work with a PR company for her upcoming album. Although already promoting her music on social media, Ciara will be able to work with PR professionals giving her the time to focus on the music and live performance side.

I enjoy promoting my music on my socials but having the chance to use a PR company to further promote my album through brands, media outlets and playlists, I can reach wider audiences to develop my professional career as an artist and performer.”
Ophelia’s Eden | supported to work with a PR company to promote her upcoming album.

Stewart Baxter supported with Skills and Professional Development 

Support to develop through training, mentorship, or other learning opportunities specific to your needs. 

Skills and professional development support provides artists with the opportunity to enhance their skills or artistic practice. For Stewart Baxter, skills and professional development support will allow him to receive 1:1 mentorship, so that he can better understand writing for orchestral players, notation and recording classical musicians. This will be essential as Stewart will be collaborating with Eclectic Music Orchestra in Hull to record and release new music.

This is a massive moment in my life and now I have support it gives me more focus and accountability to create something to the very best of my ability while also learning and developing.”
Stewart Baxter | supported to receive 1:1 mentorship and record and release new music

Looking to push your music career forward? 

If you’re a musician looking to release new music, arrange a live event or work on developing your skills, opportunities for support from Help Musicians are always available.