Musician recording themselves playing the keyboard and guitar on their bed

Introducing the artists, we’re supporting from July as they take the next steps in developing their careers.

Support to develop careers 

From July 2023 we’re supporting 47 musicians to develop mixing and mastering skills, release new music, embark on debut international tours, and utilise digital marketing campaigns.

Rachel Hill supported with Touring and Live

From debut international tours to live launch shows 

12 artists are being supported to perform in front of a live audience, including Rachel Hill.

Having previously self-funded tours, Rachel, with the help of touring and live support will be embarking on her first international tour, spanning Germany in Autumn 2023. Rachel will be able to pay most of the tour’s costs upfront, as well as update and expand her range of merch, buy flight cases for her instruments, and cover living costs whilst in Germany. 

Help Musicians’ support will assist with the costs of my first international tour. As an independent, self-managed and self-funded artist, this has made the tour financially viable for me.”
Rachel Hill | supported to embark on her debut international tour.

Rooftop Assembly supported with Record and Release

27 artists are being supported to record and release new music. Rooftop Assembly are being supported to fully promote their debut album Stories, to be released in October 2023. The band intend on creating high-quality videos, social media content and hiring a PR team to amplify the release.

It’s hard to over-emphasise how much this support means to us! As a fledgling independent project ready to release our debut EP, we’re so appreciative of the investment from Help Musicians at this critical time.”
Rooftop Assembly | supported to release their debut EP

MrConeman supported with Skills and Professional Development support.

Support to develop through training, mentorship, or other learning opportunities specific to your needs. 

Skills and professional development  support provides artists with the opportunity to enhance their skills or artistic practice. For MrConeman, having been previously self-taught in using recording software, skills and professional development support will allow him to upskill in recording software with a certified engineer and producer.

Being able to take the craft more seriously should open many more avenues for me creatively, and professionally — and it came at a time that I could really use the help!”
MrConeman | supported to work with an engineer and producer to upskill in recording software.

Looking to push your music career forward? 

If you’re a musician looking to release new music, arrange a live event or work on developing your skills, opportunities for support from Help Musicians are always available.