Introducing the artists we’re supporting from April as they take the next steps in their career

Support to develop careers 

From April 2023 we’re supporting 55 musicians to do things like build their skills through courses and coaching sessions, record debut EPs, build media campaigns and embark on debut headline tours.

Genevieve Dawson supported with touring and live 

From playing on-off gigs to a live audience to debut UK headline tours 

From April, 11 artists are being supported to take their music to a live audience, including Genevieve Dawson.

Genevieve is receiving support to go on her first UK headline tour this summer, helping to pay the musicians in her band and the costs of being on the road. 

Help Musicians’ support has transformed what’s possible for this tour — without it the financial risk would be very high for me and mean I would almost certainly make a big loss on the tour with the costs of taking a band. The support means I can represent my music the way I really want to!”
Genevieve Dawson | supported to go on her first headline tour

Laura Lamn supported with record and release

Laura Lamn is being supported to independently record and release her third album. Laura will be recording, producing, mixing and marketing the album herself. Alongside working on the album, she will be learning how to use Ableton to create a digital live set, as well as developing her mixing and social media marketing.

As a mother to a 2‑year-old, it has been very challenging to find time, money and confidence to work on my music. This support will give me the freedom and opportunity to create a new body of work and help me to build a sustainable career in music.”
Laura Lamn | supported to independently record and release an album

Ryan Hassan supported with skills and development 

Support to enhance your skills or artistic practice specific to your needs 

First receiving support during Covid, Ryan Hassan is now being supported through skills and development to help develop his career. Ryan will be undertaking an intensive study of jazz music and jazz drumming, working alongside an instructor. He told us this project will ultimately let me become a better musician, that lets me accept more opportunities”.

I found help musicians and was supported during the Covid lockdowns, they helped me recover professionally and get back to doing what I love. Moving forward and receiving support for this project has given me energy and optimism for the future. Knowing that there are people and an organisation that see value and potential in my work gives me an extra push to go and achieve what I want to achieve.”
Ryan Hassan | Supported to develop skills

Looking to push your music career forward? 

If you’re a musician looking to release new music, arrange a live event or work on developing your skills, opportunities for support from Help Musicians are always available.