Introducing February’s newly supported artists as they begin the next step in their careers

Support to tour, release new music and develop skills 

Meet the 42 musicians we’re supporting from February 2023 to record and release new music, perform to live audiences and develop skills to enhance their practice, confidence and professional networks.

With today’s musicians facing complex challenges, from the ongoing effects of the pandemic, to difficulties around touring, support that helps build and sustain careers is more important than ever.

eight person band caroline standing together outdoors

caroline, supported to tour

From live performances in the US to releasing debut albums 

Thirteen artists are being supported to tour or perform live, including the band caroline. The group are currently preparing for a US festival appearance and headline events in the UK, and will also use the financial support to film a live video session. 

This support is essential in allowing us to take part in some incredible opportunities that had come our way, but we had lacked the funds to take part in. We’re super grateful that Help Musicians was here to save the day.
Mike O’Malley, caroline | Supported with touring and live
Noga Ritter stands near a patterned wall, surrounded by members of her band

Noga Ritter, supported to release her debut album and hold an album launch event

Band-leader Noga Ritter will be using our record and release support to finish her debut album before launching it in May with a concert. Noga said that the support did not only help financially but feeling recognised and supported gave me the last push of energy I needed to work hard to release the album.

Joshua Grant poses with his hands on his face

Joshua Grant, supported to work with producer Al Groves to record his next EP

Support to elevate your music through learning and training 

Our skills and development support offers musicians the chance to access a range of training bespoke to their needs. This month ten musicians will be using this to fund a range of learning opportunities, including work with a vocal coach, mixing lessons with a sound engineer and an educational trip to Transylvania to learn traditional folk music. 

For Edinburgh musician Joshua Grant, this support means he can working with producer Al Groves to create his first EP

It has been hard building a back catalogue of music. It seemed like I was always working to pay for my next single in a cycle but Help Musicians support means I can produce a 4‑track EP on my own terms.
Joshua Grant | supported with skills and development

Looking to push your music career forward? 

If you’re a musician looking to release new music, arrange a live event or work on developing your skills, opportunities for support from Help Musicians are always available.