Meet the musicians we’re supporting from November

Support to develop careers 

From November 2023 we’re supporting more musicians to develop their careers by recording and releasing new music, producing vinyl, working with industry professionals, attending workshops to hone their skills and taking their music to live audiences.

Girl Ray

Taking music to a live audience 

Girl Ray are one of many artists being supported to take their music to a live audience. The band will be heading on tour across the UK and Europe, to promote their new album, Prestige. Financial support will cover the cost of taking session musicians, alongside other necessities such as diesel. 

Touring post Covid is near impossible, as touring costs have doubled in some areas, whilst show fees have been cut. This award has meant that we can comfortably go ahead with playing shows and promoting our record, without worrying about the financial repercussions.”
Girl Ray | Supported to tour the UK and Europe

The Gold Tips

Several musicians are being supported to record and release new music, including The Gold Tips. Having been sat on new music for a while, with the help of financial support the band are now able to create the follow up to their debut album. The Gold Tips also told us they were eager to learn more about releases and fan engagement through the business advice sessions offered as part of the support. 

This award has allowed me to record a follow up to my debut album. I’ve had the songs for a while but now I am able to share the music with skilled, trusted collaborators to ultimately produce something meaningful and tangible that I hope can further excite soul music fans in the UK and Ireland (to begin with!) I am very grateful to Help Musicians for believing in the project.”
The Gold Tips | Supported to record and release a new album

Developing skills specific to your needs 

Constant Follower

We provide support for musicians to enhance their skills or artistic practice. Constant Follower is using the financial support to attend SXSW as a delegate in March 2024. For Constant Follower this comes at a pivotal moment in his career, and the impact of networking and gaining insights including fanbase growth will help develop it further, acting as a crucial stepping stone as he moves towards the release of a second album.

This support to attend SXSW as a delegate comes at a pivotal moment in my career. The short-term gains in networking, insights, and fanbase growth will lay the foundation for long-term forward motion.”
Constant Follower | Supported to attend SXSW Conference 2024 as a delegate.

Looking to push your music career forward? 

If you’re a musician looking to release new music, arrange a live event or work on developing your skills, opportunities for support from Help Musicians are always available.