A musician composing music at their keyboard. They are sitting on the floor.

The Scholarship offers financial support towards advanced study for composers

Jasper Dommett has been awarded the 2023 Mendelssohn Scholarship.

Jasper told us that the award means they can continue their studies without financial stress, focus on their music and make progress in the realm of microtonality, queer studies and Opera.

I’m so thrilled to have received the Mendelssohn Scholarship, which will greatly support my pursuit of a PhD at the Royal College of Music. It will help cover tuition, research materials, and enable me to collaborate with fellow researchers and artists, enriching the scope of my work.”

The Mendelssohn Scholarship, which commemorates the composer Felix Mendelssohn, offers financial support towards advanced study for composers in the UK, or for tuition and associated travel costs in musical centres abroad.

The scholarship is administered by Help Musicians on behalf of The Mendelssohn Scholarship Foundation and has been awarded since 1856.