Chris Difford and Gabrielle

With two number 1 hits in her career, it is a pleasure to welcome Gabrielle to the podcast 

One of the most iconic British pop stars of the 90s and Noughties era, this week we welcome Gabrielle to I Never Thought It Would Happen. Having first topped the UK Singles Charts in 1993 with her debut single Dreams’, she then achieved the same feat in 2000 with Rise’. As well as releasing a slew of successful solo albums, her hit Out of Reach’ is most fondly remembered from the soundtrack to Bridget Jones’s Diary.

On this week’s episode, Gabrielle speaks with host Chris Difford about growing up in London and being obsessed with 80s pop music as a child. Madonna, Haircut 100 and Diana Ross were personal favourites but she also credits her mother with introducing her to artists such as John Holt, Bob Marley and Marvin Gaye.

She explains to Chris that song writing began when she was only 12, penning little pop songs and ditties in her school breaks. She never imagined she would be a singer but just loved putting pen to paper and creating something. Writing music is still a form of therapy for Gabrielle today, a means of expressing herself and better understanding what she going through.

There were aspects of her childhood that she found difficult however. Gabrielle explains to Chris that she has ptosis (the drooping of one eyelid) and some students at school tried to make her feel different because of it. Kids could try to bully her, but she had thick skin and realises that if she had really listened to their negativity, she wouldn’t have become a singer.

As their conversation moves into wellbeing, Gabrielle explains that wellbeing is something she has always prioritised and not just in recent years as it has become more accepted in society. Even in the 90s, she would take long breaks between albums because she wanted to prioritise her family and being with her children.

This week’s episode also features Maria Uzor, an electronic artist and producer based in Norfolk who we supported last year to release her EP Songs for Luminous Living. As a DIY musician with no backing from anywhere else, the charity’s support allowed Maria to have her EP mastered, artwork designed and employ a radio plugger.

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