A pianist sits at a piano, smiling and looking into the distance

142 UK students from leading music schools supported to continue their studies

This year’s Postgraduate Awards will help the largest number of supported musicians since the award was founded over a century ago. 

We will be supporting 142 UK students from leading conservatoires and performing arts colleges to continue their musical studies in the next academic year, helping them to overcome financial barriers and ensuring they have the means to pursue a career in music.

I’m extremely excited to be an environment where I can write for, learn from, and collaborate with, other musicians on a daily basis so I develop the skills that will allow me to be more creative, confident, and productive musician. I can’t thank Help Musicians enough for have helping me enormously with support that will make all of this possible; I feel like I’m in a much better position to make the most out of the course.”
Ashley Bonfante, Royal Academy of Music

The cost of living crisis has made musical studies ever more challenging for future performers striving for a career within the industry. In light of this Help Musicians is supporting more students than ever before, with a record £316,000 going towards supporting their education. 

This will help students whose disciplines span from historical performance to guitar to study without financial stress, be involved in more opportunities on campus and dedicate more time to musical studies. 

Offering grants of between £1,000 and £5,000 towards the cost of studies, the annual awards are available to students seeking to start or move into the second year of a music performance postgraduate degree. 

Being a recipient of a Sybil Tutton Opera Award through Help Musicians is an incredible honour. The award will support my partaking in the National Opera Studio’s Global Talent programme for 2022/23, which is the United Kingdom’s premiere opera training programme. The professional development and industry connections offered through this course are unparalleled for any young singer, and the award has provided me with essential financial assistance to take part.”
Phillip Costovski, National Opera Studio

Help Musicians has been making financial awards to conservatoire students since 1921, in the knowledge that pursuing a postgraduate music degree can often be prohibitively expensive.

Previous awardees include trumpeter Alison Balsom OBE, percussionist and Help Musicians President Dame Evelyn Glennie, violinist Clio Gould, cellist Guy Johnston, violinist and Help Musicians Ambassador Tasmin Little OBE and guitarist Miloš Karadaglic.