Rozi Plain standing in front of a body of water. She has thrown a baseball cap in the air.

After receiving support to tour, Rozi Plain shares her tips on writing a successful application

Bringing new music to a live audience 

In February 2023 Rozi Plain received financial support to take her latest album Prize on a headline tour around the UK and Ireland. 

The support she received will also go toward her tour with Paramore in April, it’s a very exciting thing to do- it’s so bizarre. Its really such a privilege that people are listening to the album and are moved by it, you have no idea”.

For Rozi and her band receiving support was a huge relief. While Prize has been well received and recent gigs have been going well, Rozi told us how hard it is to tour at the moment.

It’s crazy how difficult it is to do shows without breaking yourself. Getting this support means we can bring a manager, taking a huge pressure off me physically and emotionally

Previously Rozi had played the role of tour manager and merchandise seller herself, finishing a gig then heading over to the merch table to start selling.

I don’t make anything on gig fees to be able to pay the band a wage, so we can’t not be doing it… being able to bring someone along that can drive and do the merch makes the biggest difference to my wellbeing. Someone who can sell merch all night, not just after the gig has taken place.”

Writing a successful application 

For Rozi the application process was an enjoyable experience, working alongside the band’s manager to complete it.

She found it was great opportunity to lay out the project in full, I used think to do well on an application you had to be good at creative writing, but it’s more about being clear and backing up what you’re doing with detail.

Rozi shared a few application tips with us.

  • Back up what you’re doing with detail. 
  • Don’t be shy about the cost of things, realise this is a realistic goal.
  • Be clear and simple about what you want to do
  • Lay out the costs in exact terms, literally laying out the pennies of what things cost is really helpful