Abi Flynn

Award: Do it Differently Fund

Year: 2020

Genre: R&B/Soul

Instrument/voice type: Voice

Location: South East

Website: facebook.com/abiflynnsinger

Abi Flynn is a UK singer and self proclaimed Artist of Heart. With her radiant, soulful voice that weaves it’s golden tones through influences of jazz, soul and RnB, Abi’s music ignites something deeper in the heart of the listener.

Having recently traveled to her own depths during a 2 year cancer and self-healing journey which was quickly followed by an intense initiation into motherhood, Abi ’s renewed sense of artistry serves to alchemise challenge and celebrate the full spectrum of the human experience.

After previously being signed to Tru Thoughts Records and enjoying a successful music career as a featuring artist, supporting the likes of Roy Ayres, George Clinton/Parliament and Soul II Soul, it was her dance with death that catalysed her solo career and gave Rise to her explosive forthcoming EP, ’Get Deep’.

With the support of her new label, ‘Splash Blue’ (Bluey of UK soul legends, incognito) this heart-drenched EP was written and recorded with her prolific band of session musicians whilst undergoing intensive cancer treatment. ‘Get Deep’ provides a triumphant and luscious musical landscape for Abi’s experience throughout this period of internal growth, and delivers subtly empowering messages in fresh, innovative style.

The first release from this much anticipated body of work was her summer 2020 debut single ’Courage’, a euphoric soundscape of soulful orchestration and breathtaking vocals. Shot when Abi was 8 months pregnant following her healing journey, ‘Courage’ is a testament to majesty and empowered self expression in the face of adversity. Featuring fellow music artist, Holly Wellington, who was on her own cancer journey at the time of filming, the two deliver an epic visual narrative which depicts the celebration of life in every chapter. ‘Courage’ received 40,000+ streams and over 12k youtube views, and set the tone for Flynn’s unique take on biopic audiovisual storytelling.

Her recent follow up singles and videos, ’Testemant to Love’ and ’Storm Before the Calm’ have each offered different lenses to her personal and artistic identity, exploring further themes of ‘Beautiful resilience’. Her music has since gained bountiful airplay on stations such as Jazz FM, BBC Sussex, MiSoul Radio, Global Soul, Solar FM, etc.

The current global pandemic saw Flynn partaking in some prolific livestream events with New generation Jazz, Jazz South and Global Soul Radio, where she showcased her new music with her outstanding live band.

On the horizon for 2021, Flynn plans to complete part 2 of her biopic album, and bring this full body of music to London in an immersive theatrical gig launch that marries her music with other narrative visual art forms (dance, spoken word). The next phase of her career will see her combining her unparalleled artistry with creative new ways of delivering her inspiring story in a groundbreaking and deeply uplifting audiovisual cinematic experience.
Help Musicians' will be providing me with increible support in undertaking the completion of the biopic visual album I wrote and begun recording during a cancer journey.

This funding is a dream come true and will enable me to pay for studio time and musician fees to record and produce the remaining 5 tracks from this body of work which I was unable to complete due to illness and subsequently having a baby!

The body of music I am funding with this grant will be released into the world as a visual album which explores my own story, so as to celebrate the everpresent beauty and creative possibility inside of adversity.

Not only will this be my debut album and relaunch into the world as an artist, new mother and storyteller, it will also serve as a phenomenally powerful closing of the journey I have walked to get here.

I have a passion for combining transformative life experiences and empowering messages with the arts, and the 'Do it Differently Fund' will allow me to do just this, in a more innovative and inspired way than I have ever done before.