Award: Do it Differently Fund

Year: 2021

Genre: Alternative

Instrument/voice type: Songwriter

Location: East Midlands


I’m Amaroun, a songwriter, record producer, visual artist and poet. My music is a kaleidoscopic blend of pop and r’n’b with a drop of influence from my musical roots in 00’s emo.

This year I am releasing my debut album, Mars, but Mars isn’t just an album, its also a visual art piece and a research project exploring womanhood and black queerness and brings the listener along on the journey of navigating the sometimes treacherous sometimes joyful path to self acceptance.

Mars is a hypnotic trip into my history, memories, religion, identity, repression & ultimately my breaking free, created for all those like me, existing at the intersections of their heritage & identity.
Being supported by Help Musicians and The Do It Differently Fund means the world to me. Unenamoured with the record label machine and it’s treatment of black artists I became proudly independent in 2020.