Amble Skuse

Award: Do it Differently Fund

Year: 2018

Genre: Electronic

Instrument/voice type: Composer

Location: Scotland


Amble’s work focuses on identity through an intersectional feminist lense, with specific focus on gender and disabledness. Amble works with Logic, MAX/MSP and Supercollider to create sculptural sounds which augment and support acoustic classical or traditional music performers. She is interested in ways in which the past and the future come together and merge to create the now. Amble works with languages, voices, poetry and sound to relate a sense of location, time and identity through her pieces. 

Amble is currently commissioned to write a bespoke piece for instruments and technology for the British ParaOrchestra. Charles Hazlewood described her as a “fierce creative spirit [that] could not be more welcome! We couldn't ignore Amble's violinistic brilliance (a true sonic adventurer)”. The work fits well with Amble’s AHRC Scholarship PhD exploring performance, improvisation and composition using body sensors with disabled musicians. 

Amble’s work has been performed internationally from Slovakia to China, by ensembles such as Mr McFalls Chamber, Red Note Ensemble and Rarescale. In 2012 she undertook the prestigious Adopt a Composer project for Sound and Music and Making Music UK. She was one of five Creative Scotland International Creative Entrepreneurship Fellows for 2013, a BBC Performing Arts Fellow (2013), has gained several large scale grants from Creative Scotland to produce work and was recently awarded a BBC alumni fellowship.