Award: Recording And Releasing Music (Do it Differently)

Year: 2018

Genre: Pop

Location: South East


Bloom is co-fronted by harmonising telepathic best friends Emily and Megan. The pair have been writing under different guises for 11 years, with developing interests in layered voices, 80's synth, lo-fi aesthetic, science and magic birthing Bloom in 2015. Rhythm section Jones and Gruff have been working with the pair for 10 years, the musical and personal bond developed between the four has led to a sound that is both solid and raw, emotionally open and meticulously arranged. The first Bloom record was released DIY with Kickstarter backing, tracks were played by multiple BBC radio presenters, made track of the week, and an Independent Music Monday playlisting lead to playlistings worldwide in H&M, Topshop & The Joy Store. Bloom are working on the next album now, having just completed a UK tour and a live session at Abbey Road. Members of Bloom all believe that mental health awareness is especially important in the music industry where writers and performers are often exposed and vulnerable. Bloom are incredibly grateful to HMUK for the support and guidance they have received through this project.

"Astral space-pop worthy of Bjork" - THE QUIETUS