Cat Myers

Award: Recording And Releasing Music (Do it Differently)

Year: 2020

Genre: Electronic

Instrument/voice type: Drums

Location: Scotland


Cat Myers is an accomplished session drummer, composer and drum tutor, in the past few years she’s mainly been touring the world with KT Tunstall & Mogwai. Prior to that, Cat was in various original bands, one of which was Honeyblood, co-writing & recording their second album ‘Babes Never Die’.

As a Roland Artist, Cat specialises in incorporating electronics & samples into drumming, attempting to push the boundaries of what she can play live. Cat is currently composing a solo album using a mix of home-made synths, drum machines and whatever else she can get her hands on in her home studio.
Help Musicians are providing me with the means to write and record an album to the highest standard. Their funds will allow me to upgrade my home studio equipment, to support me during my time spent writing, to book a great studio and engineer to record with and to get the album mixed and mastered to the highest standard.