Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach

Award: Fusion Fund

Year: 2018

Genre: Folk/Acoustic

Location: Scotland


They have a background at the heart of some of Scotland’s native musical traditions, but Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach’s music is as much based on self-penned material as it is informed by this upbringing. 

A captivating fiddle style supported by sensitive piano isn’t big, loud, in-your-face music, but something to be relaxed in to. It’s a journey, rising and falling with total spontaneity. 

They play with a collective voice, the product of hundreds of gigs, thousands of miles travelled and innumerable hours of music played together. From a largely mellow base, the music rises and falls, slowly building to moments of intensity, breaking away in to powerful improvisation. 

Their album, ‘Waves Rise From Quiet Water’ captures the essential fiddle/piano combination, with a number of additions. As well as fiddle and piano there is: Tenor guitar, accordion, fender rhodes and vocals. Making full use of the range of instruments we have at our disposal, we built upon this intrinsic fiddle/piano combination, enhancing it whilst not obscuring the fact of it's place at the core of what they do. 

The duo are finalists in the 2017 BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Awards, and their album was shortlisted for the FATEA Magazine ‘Instrumental Album of the Year’ award.