Dan Whitehouse

Award: Recording And Releasing Music (Do it Differently)

Year: 2020

Genre: Folk

Location: West Midlands

Website: dan-whitehouse.com

Dan Whitehouse is an acclaimed and award winning English singer/songwriter who’s just released a double album 'Dreamland Tomorrow' on Reveal Records

**** RnR Magazine
“Deliberately more experimental -
Nothing short of beautiful”

Dan has toured and collaborated with label mates
Joan as Police Woman, Kris Drever, Boo Hewerdine and Eddi Reader

The Help Musicians' support will allow me to produce a 5 track EP of new material, working in isolation whilst live work is cancelled.

‘The Stair Back’ (working title) is a reference to the astrophysicist Ingrid Stairs who has discovered repeating signals emanating from a distant galaxy, and the
philosopher Montaigne who writes:

“Look long and hard enough at yourself in isolation and suddenly you will see the rest of humanity staring back”

I recently took a trip to Japan and suffered an accident where I lost hearing in my left ear. This experience made me acutely aware of the exotic new soundscape surrounding me and just how precious the sense of hearing is to a musician. I was moved to keep an audio diary of my journey, recording everything from voices, pedestrian crossings, children’s toys, boats creaking in the bay, supermarket cashiers, political rallies and police sirens. This will be the sonic foundation of my new work.

Listening to BBC radio this resonated with me:

“When we examine the ordinary, the familiar, then we need to look at it closely, microscopically to sift it for its true value”BBC Radio 4, Something Understood 19.04.20