Elisa Imperilee

Award: Transmission Fund

Year: 2020

Genre: R&B/Soul

Location: London

Website: instagram.com/elisaimperilee

I’m a singer song-writer from Brixton who believes in the power of music to heal ourselves and our communities. My songs are very honest and explore many different themes such as narcissism, greed, individualism, isolation, mental health and politics. Drawing from my own personal experiences and my experience working within the community my music is an honest exploration of myself as well as a reflection of the times we live in.
With the support of the Transmission Fund, I will be attending four one-to-one stage coaching sessions with movement director Clara Bajado. The sessions will help me gain confidence on stage so that I can control my performance anxiety and find enjoyment and fulfilment on stage so that I can be present and express myself freely.
Elisa was also supported by the Do It Differently Fund in 2019.