Elsa Hewitt

Award: Future Bubblers Bursary

Year: 2017

Genre: Electronic

Location: South East

Website: www.elsahewitt.com/

Elsa Hewitt is a songwriter and producer from Lewes, in East Sussex. Her songs fuse the good, the bad and the ugly: deadpan delivery and dense thickets of prose; melodic, groovy and moody beats, and strongly distinctive compositions. With over 10 albums to her name, Hewitt has written more than most can claim for an entire lifetime. Yet, at 26, there appears to be no curb to her creativity, as she plans her most productive year to date.

Hewitt started playing guitar and writing songs aged 13 and simultaneously began home-recording her own albums with a four-track cassette recorder. During her teenage years, she formed Prince Harry, a band whose recognition in the Brighton music scene enabled her to broaden her creative scope to live arrangements and electronics. In 2013, Hewitt released her first solo electronic album, ‘Hotel Rosemary’; an album of textural ambience, silky synthesisers and dulcet heartbreak. Since then she has continued to delve deeper into the realms of electronics and found sounds that have become captivating and intriguing features of her recent work.

But despite her wide-eyed eagerness for sonic experimentation, the heart of Hewitt’s songs often lie in their words. Her lyrics fixate on the social experience of being human: from the cosmic to the mundane. In each and every line, Hewitt presents a unique perspective on the strange behaviour of people. No thought is too slight, no confession too private. 

After only three years of using electronics as a solo artist, she has supported the likes of Samaris, Daisuke Tanabe, Anna Meredith, Cat’s Eyes and Olivia Louvel. In 2016 she gained recognition from PRSF who made her the winner of the Lynsey de Paul Prize, awarding her a talent bursary and mentorship. The following November, she was announced as a Year 2 Future Bubbler, receiving further mentorship and recognition courtesy of the Brownswood imprint. So, after a successful run in 2016, in which she accumulated no less than two new albums and an EP, Hewitt has some big movements planned for 2017, starting with the album Cameras From Mars due for release in March.