Award: Fusion Fund

Year: 2018

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Location: London


An organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts.

A collaborative ‘Audio Visual’ project directed & curated by composers Joel Wells & Abi Wade; With a sole focus on creating experimental music works and soundscapes, which have an intrinsic relationship to visual art.

The duo have a passion for collaborating with other visual artists and musicians, exploring alternative ways of creating music, crossing multiple genres, media and culture.

Ranging from electronic synthesis, field recording/sampling to neo-classical, cinematic and soundscape pieces. Wells and Wade combine an alternative and experimental approach to sound, composition, performance and instrumentation; Classical instruments are subverted in innovative ways, preparing the piano with found objects, manipulating vocals to create ambient soundscapes and exploring the cello percussively using beaters, contact microphones and unusual bowing techniques. The pair also extensively experiment with field recordings and the creation of unique sample instruments. Tuned percussion such as the Kalimba and Slate marimba are recorded and re-sequenced using analog and digital hardware inc Elektron’s infamous Octatrack sampler and the Analog Rytm drum machine, to become warped ‘fourth world’ polyrhythms or textural drones.

They have worked with various artists, orchestras, choirs and producers such as Tim Goldsworthy (DFA, Unkle, Massive Attack), Toydrum (Unkle), Coveryard Orchestra, and remixes by Trentemoller; and have had releases on 'BMG/Skint', Eug Wang’s San Francisco dance label 'Public Release' with tracks being licensed globally for Tv shows 'Banshee', 'Shameless' U.S, and ‘How to Get Away With Murder’.

Joel and Abi have collaborated with many global fashion designers including Eley Kishimoto and Vivienne Westwood to create catwalk music and instore installations and have created original scores for brands such BBC Storyworks, Adidas, Kurt Gieger, Dazed and architect Renzo Piano.