Isla Ratcliff

Award: Pop and Scottish Traditional Music Awards

Year: 2019

Genre: Traditional

Instrument/voice type: Violin

Location: Scotland


Isla Ratcliff is a Scottish musician who works in numerous musical genres and practices. She is a Scottish traditional fiddle player, Scots singer, songwriter, composer and community music practitioner, with a background in classical violin and piano. Her work is underpinned by her passions for Scottish cultural politics and for music’s positive impact on our wellbeing. She is currently studying a Masters degree in Scottish traditional music at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, supported by Help Musicians UK. Isla has performed at Celtic Connections, Cambridge Folk Festival, Sidmouth FolkWeek and Festival Boult-aux-Bois et Cordes. She writes her own songs, has scored music for two short films and two theatre productions, and devised a 30-minute cultural-political musical-theatrical production A Reawakened Monument of Antiquity (2019).