J. Fields

Award: Do it Differently Fund

Year: 2020

Genre: R&B/Soul

Instrument/voice type: Voice

Location: South West

Website: instagram.com/j.fieldsbrs

A singer, songwriter, and producer located in the heart of Bristol – J.Fields is bringing a fresh sound to the UK R&B scene. With inspiration from Frank Ocean, Miguel, Giveon, and Eliza – J.Fields focuses on powerful messages and forms a deep connection within each song created. J.Fields describes it as, “The purest music I’ve ever written, it’s British R&B with honest lyricism.”
Help Musican's support has enabled me to bring a project to life that truly embodies me as a writer and artist, whilst filling out the application it really helped me to visualise and understand my plan and what i'll need to execute this release at the high standard I believe i've set with the music. The grant of £3000 allows my project campaign to be fluid in an organised way which includes mixing, mastering, marketing and plugging my music in the right areas.