Jenny Hill

Award: Transmission Fund

Year: 2017

Genre: Folk

Instrument/voice type: Double Bass

Location: Scotland


Playing the bass from the tender age of 12 (they sat her on a high stool until she grew tall enough!), Jen was classically trained and studied music at Cambridge University. Having been immersed in classical music, with a particular love of the baroque, she left university with no idea what to play when there wasn’t a piece of sheet music in front of her! However, a trip to France saw her studying bass at Strasbourg Conservatoire, where her journey into improvisation in other genres began. There followed a decade of fun, touring and diverse music making in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, and a couple of years on a small island off the north west coast of Scotland, where the idea for Songs of Separation was born and the album was recorded.

Jen has just completed what turned out to be an epic project! Intended to be a small-scale recording project, with just 1000 copies to be sold online, SoS grew to be a huge touring ensemble, with sold out shows and rave reviews, culminating in a nomination for Best Album at the Scottish Trad Awards and a 'win' at the 2017 BBC2 Folk Awards for Best Album. For Jen, it was an immersion in the industry, involving producing, promoting, booking, managing, providing tour support, media appearances, delightful admin and so much learning! 

She believes that 'music is the great connector', and now hopes to use this experience to connect and empower more people through music, starting with a 'massed choir' project, involving music from the Songs of Separation album...