Kate Halsall

Award: Transmission Fund

Year: 2017

Genre: Classical

Instrument/voice type: Piano

Location: North East

Website: katehalsall.co.uk

Kate Halsall is a pianist developing and commissioning new music for a variety of projects. As a performer and promoter of new music, she has commissioned, premiered, recorded and broadcast many new works, and is a frequent collaborator on interdisciplinary projects, often with technologies. 
Some current ensembles Kate performs with, include electro-acoustic Galvanize Ensemble, Bell Halsall duo, SoundKarD with Sarah Dacey and composer Duncan MacLeod and Cobalt piano duo (with Fumiko Miyachi). Recent music releases include Shenanigans/NMC, Miniaturised Concertos/Metier and Ockeghem Octets/Another Timbre.