Kirsty Hughes

Award: Ian Fleming Award

Year: 2019

Genre: Musical Theatre

Instrument/voice type: Soprano

Location: Royal Academy of Music

I am incredibly excited to be starting an MA in Musical Theatre in September at The Royal Academy of Music. I have been dreaming of training there for a few years now, and can't quite believe it is actually happening! The course training is rigorous, and provides many excellent performance opportunities as well as the chance to work with highly-renowned industry professionals. My goal is to leave The Academy equipped for a career in performance, and to be able to sustain myself financially through performing in the future years would be a great achievement.
I wouldn't have been able to take up my offer at The Royal Academy of Music if it had not been for Help Musicians UK, as the course fees and living expenses were too high for me to afford. They were so supportive and encouraging throughout the audition process, and being offered an Ian Fleming Award has meant I will be able to take my place on the course and be that extra step closer to achieving my dream of performing as a career.