Koichi Samuels

Award: Fusion Fund

Year: 2017

Genre: Dance/Electronic

Instrument/voice type: Producer

Location: Northern Ireland

Website: www.resist-av.net

Koichi (Koichi Samuels) is an electronic musician who has released music on record labels Soma Records, Animal Farm Records, Planet Rhythm and in duo Spires with Phil Kieran (Phil Kieran Recordings). He is also one half of audiovisual project 'Kandehha' with Helena Hamilton. In 2016, Koichi founded club/art hybrid event and platform RESIST, which features international artists from the leftfield of electronic music and live digital art. 
Koichi started his career as a DJ and promoter playing at warehouse events in and around London's techno and rave scene through the 2000s. In 2012 he started his work in earnest as an electronic music producer after moving to Belfast, Northern Ireland. Drawing inspiration from Belfast’s thriving techno scene and through meeting and collaborating with acclaimed DJ and producer, Phil Kieran, Koichi developed his own unique brand of ambient and at the same time industrial inspired electronic and techno music. 
Koichi also has a PhD in the field of music technology and disability and is active in music research and workshops.