Lauren Doss

Award: Transmission Fund

Year: 2018

Genre: Other/Various

Instrument/voice type: Composer

Location: London


Lauren Doss is a British-American performance and visual artist. Educated in Surrey, UK with a foundation in Performance Studies, Art & Design and specialised training in classical and contemporary dance, music and acting. In 2004 Lauren was employed as an Assistant at Remote Control Studios, the film-scoring studios of composer Hans Zimmer. In 2005, by the end of her first term studying Performance, Music & Visual Arts at Brighton University, she’d created solo music act Mechanical Bride and through the exposure of her A cappella song Chapel on Myspace, signed a contract with Transgressive Records. Since then, she’s released three EP’s and album Living With Ants in 2012. Touring the UK and Europe with her band, she’s been asked to support Dave Gilmour, Smog, Johnny Flynn and Owen Pallett and has collaborated with Audio Visual Artists Bat For Lashes, Collectress and Luke Abbott. 
In 2016 Help Musician's UK Transmission Fund, supported Lauren to broaden her sound world and hone her production skills, studying Production & Composition in Ableton Live, at Point Blank Studios, Los Angeles. Since then, Lauren has worked with Sound Disposition developing a unique approach to scoring and sound design. Her current work sees a collaboration between Miguel Altunaga of the Rambert Dance Company, using an interdisciplinary approach to creating music and dance for live performance and film. Lauren's interest in investigating kinaesthetic process has led her to learn about Dalcroze Eurythmics and the various ways it can be utilised in both artistic practice and in teaching. The support of Help Musician's UK Transmission Fund has been integral, allowing Lauren to take an introductory course to Eurythmics with Dalcroze UK.